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Please jump into the the Idiot's Path and tumble into a psychedelic jungle of your undreamt imagination. Just because you haven't dreamt it yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist. This book will take you through a quantum leap of your unbridled fantasies.  Metta-Morph-Aziz emerges from the historical heartland of the fictitious Pearly Green, the very centre of the East End of old Slumdon town. This is a very real world of idiots and magic that combines; cultures, races, fairies, magical beasts, a Jabberwocky, shoals of twinklefish, some gubblies, a sabre toothed tiger and a lot of leprechaun squatters. They along with many more all live here, both on the surface and in the many levels of the Lost Catacombs of Brickie Lane. Within this sparkling world the friends human and non human, play music, dance, mix mysterious potions, weave magic muslin, cook cosmic curries and time travel. The Lost Catacombs are astonishing. This is where Fairlight the underground alchemist synthesizes the strange potion called Anatta which blows everyone away and sometimes to other places too. Bilal the Banglastani Beatnik and Kockneestani Charlie are the resident flower power fools wandering aimlessly through everything (and every time too) while the soundtrack to everybody's lives is produced by the Metta-Morph-Aziz crew. They are accompanied by the exquisite singing of the Sisters Nazneen in their magic muslin hijabs woven by the black widow spiders of Malik Slik Sylvester, bespoke tailor extraordinaire. Then there are the witches like Stargasm and Moonmummy and crazy Whirlistani mystics all moving through this remarkable place on foot, broomsticks, cloudboards, snowcamels or a magic carpet trying hard to avoid being tripped up and robbed by Master Fagin's Funkadelic Tribe or tickled by Amrita, a true princess of Gigglistan and her friends Little Lucy, complete with diamonds and Astral Alice now residing in a very different Wonderland. These three young girls are incredible on their own and mind-boggling when together.

A powerful bond is created between these beautiful beings by their following the Idiot's Path to Enlightenment with its 4 Holy Rules, 4 Humble Truths, 3 Serene Sillinesses and, when they actually get to find them, - the Magic Mantras. And boy, will they need it all as they try to discover why the colours are coming off the Chuckle Stream and the sun is slowly dimming. It can only mean one thing - more trouble from Lucifer and his diabolics! With the help of ghosts, gold and a genie, battle commences across both space and time and a funky pharaoh drummer and Captain Kidd are more than just along for the ride. But why does Lucifer need all that gold?

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