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The good news is that in the future there will be no bad news, only good news and that's something to look forward to even if you're backwards looking and behind the times. Regardless of wether or not the past has been hard, live and love in the present and the future will be fine. As a wise witch from Wichita once said, "the present is the present and long may it continue", a very real prize that cannot be looked in the mouth. This just goes to show that the here and now is a gift which we cant afford to waste. And as a grumpy wizard from Westphalia added, "Look after the earth for if it dies we shall have nowhere to bury it". This is as true as the drop hanging on the end of my nose and cant be ignored either. So live, laugh, lighten up and dump the load you've been carrying on your back for eternal lifetimes. Its all only junk and who really wants to be a junky?

The all pervading philosopy of the Lost Catacombs of Brickie Lane which you will all find out about soon enough is "the karma you are the calmer you get" or the just as profound "the calmer you are the karma you get". With foolish ideas like this you are sure to lose the way but as we all know if the path to wisdom is not paved with gold then also not all who wander are lost. This is such a wonder it tickles my toes and makes me laugh which is the starting point for an idiotic revolutionary such as myself. Hey watch out! Leprechauns are stealing the gold to melt at the Rainbow's End to make the world a sunshiny place for everyone. To make it even better, the Genie of the Lamp is always dishing out magic wishes by the bucketful. Magic carpets are always there to ride upon even if they are only of the mind but if you dont mind, I wont mind either. So cheer up, pull up a chair, toke away on your hubble bubble pipes and trouble will simply drift away.

Yippee we're still here!   

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