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This really depends on what time of the day or night it is and who's knocking on the door. If it's three in the morning and the police are outside, I simply tell them that I'm not me and am certainly not there. What they are in fact experiencing is the remnants of my dream body that has escaped into one thousand and one night dreams of infininity. If after pumelling me for a good few minutes and tying me down with ropes, I tell them I'm not at home and in reality, I am my twin brother. That usually keeps them quiet and then I can get back to sleep to dream of unicorns and butterflies dressed in goassamer silk all getting ready to go to the grasshopper's ball. I normally gate crash these but nobody seems to mind especially as I'm the one that brings the astral ale and sunset samosas for everyone.Of course if angels  come to knock on the door to whisk me away to incredible parties way above the clouds or even deep inside the Lost Catacombs of Brickie Lane, I have no need to tell them my name as they already know. It's Idiot!

But to be serious Obin Ahmed is a serious man. He's at his most serious when trying to have a good time, finding out the whereabouts of the next party and who's going to be buying the next round. Being born a total fool and slowly getting worse, he is finding out that the spaces in his head are getting greater and greater and so there's no more matter in it anymore to even have a headache with. He was born on his birthday sometime before last Friday and so will be celebrating his coming of age sometime next century. So why don't you take a chance with me ? I am so simple, I am simplicity itself. There's none so foolish as a holy fool and I am aspiring to become one. I still have a long way to go though as the only holy thing about me are the holes in my pretty pink plimsolls that let in water all the time.

Having tripped and skipped through voyages and worlds unknown I am still travelling now to unchartered destinations but as we already know, its the journey that counts and not the goal. And I still have a long way to go. The chip shop is over five minutes away and that's a lifetime for a single celled being. Raving much more than groovy Dave in a gravy boat without gravity and having gulped more magic potions than even a greedy goblin can get hold of, I danced and tranced my way to oblivion. Of course I came back at some time but luckily it was a different me. I had stared in my reflection in the mirror for far too long and now the reflection had come out to become me. Not a bad thing as it was  far handsomer. Here's looking at you kid!

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